Invest In property with buy back option You can sell us back after a specific interval of time ( 36 months,, 72 months, 132 months) with double times amount or much more as per agreements.

What is smart investment ?

 According to us, FD in banks and property investment is the best smart investment, if seen, in FD plans, we get an annual return of 6 to 8%, if we do any investment for a long period of about 25 to 30 years. So our payment is about 4  times ,which is considered very good return and there is no chance of 99 percent of any payment sinking in it, due to which it becomes our safe and secure investment, but to make our payment amount from one lakh to four lakh, we take about 30 years. On the other hand, as far as my experience is concerned, I have tried all types of markets .I have tried my hand whether it is Fixed Deposit, Share Market, Cryptocurrency ,Mutual Fund or Public Provident Fund. but I have found that whatever it is but no investment equals real estate investment, that is investing in property.
But we get these results from property when our investment is on smart properties and the dealers and developers who provide our property act honestly. And we should also have full understanding to buy property if our investment is done on wrong property or we find wrong dealers and developers ,who have already sold property to us at 2 or 3 times of  the market price, then we don’t get good returns. Find it in our real estate market for sometimes now .A lot of things happened due to which property investors lost their confidence in property investment, during that time property prices went very high and investors who had invested at high rates when the property came at its right price felt that the market was very down and they have suffered a lot , But at that time also it was found that the property which was in the hands of right people had no effect on them because their prices had not gone to such high level that the market fell down. Therefore, while buying a property, it should be kept in mind that what kind of developers or dealers we are.

In view of such a system, our team did a programming to sensitize property investors and to build their confidence through which it was determined that our company should collect the best properties which have very good growth rate according to us. The smart property they have Growth should be 2 times in 5 to 6 years, 4 times in 10 to 12 years, 10 times in 18 to 20 years and 20 times in 25 to 30 years. We searched for such properties and made a list of many properties. In order to fulfill our purpose and to remove the fear and anxiety of our investors, we have created a system in which the company has determined that the investors who buy property from our company will be given 3 plans from our company in which  ,If you buy any property, then your trust to win we give you property with buy-back guaranty you can give our given property back to us after 36 months and withdraw your payment with 20-15% profit and if you are not in hurry then we have two more plans,  you can buy your property for more than 72 months i.e. 6 years .The latter can also give back to us the name of your registry and company, You can withdraw your payment with 45-50% profit by getting it returned, and you can buy your property for more than 132 months i.e. 11 years .The latter can also give back to us the name of your registry and company, You can withdraw your payment with 100% profit by getting it returned in this only the registry cost will be of the investor to give it back to the company, the rest of the payment will be given in full. The amount of investment in property is a bit high, which small investors are not able to afford , so we have also kept the facility that you can invest in property together, with four or five member’s and or in groups, you can also keep the property in the last of the plan or give it to the company, or  You Can sell to anyone outside the company . you cannot invest without property in our company , you will get property in return for every investment,

  • We promise that if you join our company then no one can stop you from becoming a millionaire in a few years.
  • It is true of smart investment property that along with increasing the price, it gives us excellent earning from our rent or doing our own business, so that we do not even worry about our expenses and the growth of our property is also at a very high level.

Dainty Smart Investments plans

Dainty Smart investments provides multiple Plans for smart investments with buy back Guarantee.


Ist Investment Plan

In 36 Months Investment Plan We give you buy back Guarantee with 20-25% ROI.


2nd Investment Plan

In 72 Months Investment Plan We give you buy back Guarantee with 45-50% ROI.


3rd investment Plan

In 132 Months Investment Plan We give you buy back Guarantee with 100% ROI.

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We provide detailed & verified information of properties for smart investments with multiple buyback options with double ROI

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We will buy property back after specific interval of time according to agreement


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